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This website contains information and pictures about a German band Alphaville (widely known in narrow circles) collected during trips to St.Petersburg and Kiev in 2003 by the Russian fUnclub ALPHAWHALES. Here's the list of people who you can put the blame on for participating in this project:

Olga Sudakova - for taking and polishing most of the pictures; webdesign of this site; reports; the total craziness of everything that happened

Oleg Kuzmichov - for digitizing the rarities collected during the trips

Svetlana Khvastunova, Ivan Protopopov, Nika, Elena Amosova, Michael Voblov, Ilona Soldatenko - for contributing their pictures

Slava 2 (Tikhonov) - for his huge help in putting all the files online

Katerina (Tera), Slava 1 (Potolokov), Valery Fadeev, Oleg Korsun  - just for being there

Olga Slivaeva - for updating www.alphaville.ru on a regular basis

And of course special thanks to Marian Gold, Martin Lister, Pierson Grange, Christian Marsac, Claudia Gerlach, Daniela Titze, Dieter Schubert, Rainer Noll, Michael Weiss and other people involved with Alphaville without whom our inspiration would have been wasted forever!!!!

Please be so kind not to use our pictures on other website without our written permission. Thanks in advance.


Alphawhaly yours,

the Russian Alphaville fUnclub

Copyright(c) 2003 Alphawhales. All rights reserved.
last updated May 22, 2003


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